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Originally Posted by Macman
true, but besides violating the license agreement, it also installs things that are hardware specific, like firmware, in which case, youd end up having your mac screw up in one way or another, like repeatitive corrupt OS installations. I've seen it happen:mac:
As far as violating the license agreement… that's something that ApplejustWorks has to deal with, not me. ApplejustWorks asked if it would work, not if it was legal.

I've not seen a problem using the restores from other systems. I've been running my Desktop G4 using my iBook restore dvd for 3 weeks with no problems at all. I did the same thing with Jaguar without a problem. If it installed hardware specific files… not a problem here.

I believe that the installer would reject the "install" if it was hardware specific. OS 9 installers did just that.

ApplejustWorks, I say backup your system and try it.
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