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Dear list members,

The following problem only occurs in Safari on the Mac. (I'm using OS-X 10.3 and I've just upgraded to 10.3.6) The problem doesn't occur on the PC or on the Mac with Netscape, IE, or Firefox.

A page on my website is a frameset that consists of a main frame and several smaller control frames. Executing Javascript in the smaller control frames loads content into the main frame by changing its location property.

For example:
control frame 1:
. . .
parent.mainFrame.document.location = page1;

But in Safari after I've done this once, if I execute another javascript statement to again change the location property of the main frame it doesn't work.

I.e. after executing the above javascript in control frame 1 if I then execute the following javascript in control frame 2 it does nothing.

control frame 2:
. . .
parent.mainFrame.document.location = page2;

This problem only occurs in Safari, not in the other browsers. In the other browsers I can keep loading pages into the main frame by changing its location property from the smaller control frames.

I've tried clearing the cache but this doesn't help.

Does anyone have any ideas how to either fix the problem or get around it.

Many thanks,
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