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Originally Posted by MirPags@hotmail View Post
I found the answer to your question below...

For quite a few months, many Mac Safari users have been having problems with HotMail. The problem is that when they try to log in to HotMail, Microsoft's redirect commands wind up in an unending loop. This only happens when users did not manually click the link to "sign out" on their last session.

I've had to help many people solve this problem, so I thought it might be useful information for The way to solve the problem is to delete related cookies:
In Safari, go to Preferences Security Show Cookies.
Type in
Click the Remove All button.
Now you can login to HotMail again. In the future, manually sign out each time to avoid doing these steps again. The only real disadvantage is that you'll have to retype your username and password the next time you log in after clearing the cookies.
I had the problem for a while, but everything has been fine recently. The only hotmail problems I've had have been through Adium - I have it check my mail when I sign in (as opposed to MSN doing it), and clicking the link to my inbox never seems to work now. Typing in in my browser always works though, as do all the messages in my inbox, even if I don't log out after each session. I can't actually remember the last time I hit the logout button in hotmail.

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