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Originally Posted by sfbpo View Post
I am sorry of this is a repeat question but after reading many threads, I still need to ask. Still after using Apple support, Help docs, etc I still cannot find a straight answer.
I know how you feel.

I have a personal domain and site hosted by another provider. I was told that .Mac will host a personal domain so I thought that would also mean hosting my HTML and images. Can I cancel my hosting contract and move all my existing, non-iWeb generated HTML and images over to .Mac?

To ask another way, is iWeb the only way to create HTML/sites on .Mac?

Lastly, if it IS possible to host non-iWeb generated HTML and images in a .Mac account, how does this work? Can someone walk me through the procedure?
Do you have a .Mac account? HomePage is an easy way to do it (the link is along the top of the page, not in the sidebar on .Mac). Basically the process entails putting your non-iWeb-generated files in your computer's User/Sites folder (whereas local iWeb files live at User/Web/Sites), and syncing to .Mac. The URL would then be".macuser"/"index_file.html"
Does that help?
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