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My general concept of viruses is that the end user needs to have a perception of what they're doing in order to prevent infection and fancy antivirus is not usually required.
I usually advocate AVG as a good free antivirus software for windows. It doesn't mess around with the OS too much, is free, is updated often, scans emails in outlook express automatically and usually does a good job. Combine that with or to diagnose what the virus is.
Add in spybot s&d to clean up spyware and close down the gaping holes in windows and it's software. Run it regularly and you should have everything to keep windows running without selling your soul to the world.

There is a technique to removing windows viruses if the antivirus doesn't pick them up, and the key to it is knowing that the first thing a virus does is disable any antivirus software as well as it can as soon as you're infected.

Booting into safe mode should be your first point of call as most viruses have to reside in a combination of the registry, startup items, win.ini or background processes. Booting into safe mode should give new life to your anti virus software but will often prevent you from having internet/network access. So, you may need to download the latest update to the anti virus software from an uninfected machine (such as a mac) and install it by burning the file to cd etc. Update the software and run the anti virus full scan and see if you have any joy.

Failing that, look in the startup items and win.ini file to search for suspicious behaviour.

Run Spybot S&D and clear out all the junk

If that doesn't fix things you've got a real stickler and you'll need to have your wits about you to be rid of it. There's a new windows virus every day so you may have to wait till a fix is released for your one from the anti virus maker. Check out the task manager to see what unusual named processes are around (other than the helpfully uninformative named normal windows processes) and end them.

Hope something in here helps and good luck - once you fix it you will learn from your experience for the next time you have to tackle a windows virus knowing how they work and get them before they cause too much damage
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