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Go to system prefs, network and make sure you are on the same subnet and that dhcp is on...
Yes the mac is setup for DHCP. It should be on the same subnet since it is pulling its info from the same DHCP server as the Windows machines are.

Can the windows pc see you in 'my network neighbourhood'?
This I did not check. I found a writeup of how to setup the mac to join the workgroup I will test this on Tuesday and post back if I am still having problems.

Here was something I found while doing some Google searches:

If you're trying to access a remote network share from a Windows / Linux box to you Mac, you can only user your short name.
I am going to use an example say my user name is Jane Doe and the short name for this account is Jane does that mean the user account on the Windows machine needs to be created using the short name? or the full user name? In other words, would I create a user account on the Windows machine using just Jane as the login name?

Also thanks much for the reply.
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