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Please help me before I pull my hair out

I am working on a peer to peer network involving 2 windows xp pro machines and a mac running os X (10.3.3). One of the windows xp pro machines is acting as a file server and a print server for this workgroup. I have been trying to get the mac to access the shares on the windows xp machine with no luck. Here is how I am trying to set it up:

1. Open System Preferences
2. Open Accounts
3. Navigate to Startup Items Tab
4. Click the + sign, to add a startup item.
5. Navigate to the share.
6. Click Add

This seems to work but when I open the share it is empty.

I have a user created on the windows xp pro machine that has the same user and password as the log in for the mac.

The share has been given permission to let that user have full control of the share.

Dont think it matters since the Mac is viewing the share across the network but the Windows machine is formatted NTFS.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also they have 3 printers shared off the windows xp pro machine that I need the mac to be able to access as well. I attempted to set this up thru the print center utility located in the utilities folder. I set it to "Windows Printer via Samba", but when I got to the Printer Model drop down it did not list the hp7660 as an option. So I tried downloading the driver from HP's website and installing it. Not 100% sure where it installed it but I do not think it was the right place because the Printer Model drop down still does not list the hp7660 as an option.

I am somewhat Mac challenged from not having worked on one in about 4 years, so talk to me like an idiot when you explain what I am doing wrong.
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