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i agree devoidarex, sure if you got $2000 to blow (or use the ol evil credit card) then of course I'd get a powerbook but being practical and well trying not to get myself into MORE debt I bought the 12" iBook w/RAM upgrade with cash. I could have got the 14" but I really saw no speed difference at all. Smaller screen does not bother me (same resolution) and its a lot more compact. I figured i'd spend that extra $300 on more RAM and a laptop bag, mouse, and BT adapter. My budget was $1350 so... I did well and am very happy with the 12".

Yes a almost lost my head and wanted to use ol evil credit card to buy the 15" Powerbook (one of my buddies bought one earlier this year) but after comparing the iBook with the Powerbook and then looking at what I am using this for (mainly surfing the net, iTunes, iPhoto) I figured why spend all this money to get the 15" Powerbook. Sure I'd love to have it but I don't need it. the iBook does just fine. Even my friend with the Powerbook said he made a mistake in buying the Powerbook, his needs don't need all that power but he was drawn to it because of its looks and the thought of how powerful it is when in reality he told me he doesn't use it to the extent its made for.

So you just have to evaluate your needs and your budget. Don't use evil credit!
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