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1. Yes
2. Just above the keyboard on both sides
3. The powerbook is better, it has DVI out, faster CPUs, faster RAM, i think it has FireWire 800, made of aluminum instead of plastic, and better screen options.

It been awhile since the powerbooks have had anything new with them, if I was going to get out I would wait till they maybe revise it a bit, I would hate to buy one then a short while later something better comes out.

edit: you beat me to responding...
The PowerBook 12" doesn't have FireWire 800, but the 15" and 17" models do. It also has a better graphics card, and only better screen options if you get the 15" or 17" models.

The PowerBooks are due to refresh sometime in January to February. Considering the newest iBook line just came out, it may be a good idea to get an iBook rather than waiting 4 months or more for the PowerBook G5s.

Check the Apple site ( for more info on the differences between the iBook and the PowerBook. There are quite a few

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