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i didn't order it. i'm doing research before i order. and to be honest, doubting isn't knowing. thats why i keep asking. i can understand that mixing may not produce the best results but since ram is ram is ram, i don't see why a buffered, ecc, previous generation module wouldn't work. i understand if it would limit the bus speed to 667mhz but just not work at all seems kind of odd to me.

and this isn't taking short cuts. taking short cuts is buying and using a product that everyone knows is going to fail on you, and buying it anyway then getting upset when it fails. crucial is a good company. i've run alot of their modules and never once had an issue so i'm not exactly sure how you consider buying crucial memory taking a shortcut. just because its not precious over-priced apple ram doesn't mean its bad.

since there is no information that i can find on the new macs ability to be backwards compatible in the ram department doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't. look at the previous generation Mac Pro. Apple said it was limited to 16gb of memory. Now people are saying the previous generation could handle 32gb.

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