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Originally Posted by chunkitron3030 View Post
tried that just now, and that doesnt work either. i know it would get past it, i just need to get the **** disc out
Hey, watch your language. I know what you need. If holding Option didn't work, BootCamp must not have successfully created the partition (or something). Is the computer stuck in a restart loop? If so, push and hold the power button until it powers down (or unplug).
Wait 20 seconds or so, then power up your Imac and immediately press and hold the C (the letter C) key. You need to push and hold it before you hear the chord startup sound. Keep it held until a gray screen comes up with boot options. Select your Mac HD. OS X starts up, and the CD should release as usual (drag it to the trash).

BTW what do you mean "I know it would get past it"? That's what you want to do is get past it!

EDIT: ashkonee may have something too, if you ever see a Windows desktop. Open My Computer, right-click on the DVD, and select Eject. But I don't think you are seeing a Windows desktop, right?
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