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Originally Posted by MMMII View Post
If you have an external drive this should work:

If your movies are on an external disk you can go to preferences in iTunes and uncheck the add files to my itunes library option. Then you drag the files to iTunes. My understanding is that it just creates shortcuts to the files so that you can control them in iTunes.

Once you sync the files to TV it will import the files from your HD and from the external disk.

Once you have imported all your files (that you don't want taking up HD space) you can recheck the option for other media.
This is exactly the setup I use. My MBP hard drive is 120 GB. I have about 50 GB in music stored on the internal drive. I also have 2 external HD each with 300 GB of video. I added these video files to the iTunes library with the "Copy to iTunes Music Folder" unchecked...that way it pulls each file from the external HD as it needs it. My Apple TV streams it all just fine. I still have it set to sync the newest TV episodes so I can watch Apple TV without my computer being turned on.

In short, an external HD and the aforementioned way of adding files from there to iTunes may be a better solution to your problem than upgrading to the 160 GB model and hacking it for direct network access...cheaper too.

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