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Originally Posted by kkelly122 View Post
is it just me or is there not a lot of people my age 18-24 that dont really like snl. my parents love it and all my friends dont really like watching it. it seems there is a generation gap for this show. it doesn't seem as funny as other shows on tv like the chappelle show or others like that. thats just my $.02
Really? I've never seen the chappelle show, i don't think we get the channel that carries that on our dish not that i watch the dish anyways.

I don't really know of a lot of people my age who watch it either, I know people who do, but everyone seems to be into mad tv these days, but IMO they try too hard to be funny and they don't let the weirdness flow like SNL does, and SNL has Weekend Update which is one of my favorite parts of the show, and the only news i actually watch.
But I am disappointed that they took Just Shoot Me out now after SNL its fearless music then right to the space shows which I can't handle.
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