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Originally Posted by the8thark View Post
Here's a simple idea that might just work. Hold down the option key I think it is at start up. And select the drive you want as the startup drive. It worked for a friend in the past. It's a long shot but worth a shot.

I tried to boot it up on my external hard drive (which is supposed to be mac compatible), but it said "cannot boot to this volume"

And also have you held down the D (I think) key at startup for the hardware diagnostic test. Run it and see what it tells you. That should point out if the error is hardware related.

Yes, I did do this. It runs through it and says "disk repaired", but doesn't say what was repaired.

Apart from that MHC (the above poster) really summed up things quite well. But I will see if you could install OS X into the external drive, boot from that, transfer all your wanted files from the internal drive to the external one. Then Zero all the data on the internal drive (will take ages) as said above and load OS X onto it. Then you can if it works just copy all your data back from the external to the internal. it's a long way around but it might be the only option you have.
Yes, this is what I wanted to do by booting to my external hard drive, but as stated above, wouldn't work

Thanks for all the input so far. i guess my next thing is to try the erase and install, then if that doesn't work, I'll try a new hard drive.
One more y'all think my install disk might be bad?
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