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Hi thanks for you replies.

I've checked out the suggested applications. Many of them are pretty similar i think. They are a bit to complicated for me, and I can't really find a decent way to format text, insert images etc.

The only purpose of the application I'm looking for is taking notes in class.
I would like to give each class a specific tab. And for each class I would like some sort of subfanes for dividing the class into main subjects.
And when I take notes I like using arrows and squares to point out important stuff, visualizing connections etc.

Using word:mac's notebook view is very close to what I need. But I don't have the option of making subfanes for each fane, and because the fanes are vertical they are hard to read. A solution could be to make a word-file for each class, but I like having it all together. And when the document is in notebook view I can't draw stuff :-)

Please feel free to post other applications.

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