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Originally Posted by goobimama View Post
1) Tried it. Works. No problems. A bit slow that's all.
2) You can never backup enough.
3) You can either partition the drive, or get yourself Paragon NTFS for mac. It's a new release, a few bugs here and there, but it works. However, it comes at a price of $30.
4) You can never tell when a hard drive is going to go kaput. All brands fail, and all brands have been known to last for years together.

hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. so if i'm understanding you correctly, paragon ntfs pretty much does the same thing as macfuse's ntfs-3g driver? which do you like better?

because i'll primarily be using leopard on my macbook rather than vista, i'm thinking about getting an hfs+ formatted external hd, mainly as backup but eventually for extra storage. is there a reliable freeware (or something not prohibitively expensive) that enables hfs+ formatted drives to be read in windows ntfs?

thanks again.
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