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just want to say I picked up my 12" iBook and its wonderful. I haven't played with it much yet but i will this afternoon. I almost bought the 14" but after extensive testing between the 12 and 14 I saw no real difference in speed with the 14 - the screen was bigger and i guess easier to read but that's not a concern for me. I found it a bit bulky for transporting - but that's just me.

Very happy with purchase although I got suckered into paying $100 for 256mb from the Apple Store (i got 512 now). Oh well, they were pushing that .mac program so much on me but I did not want it. Also they wanted me to purchase a HP printer for $100 but you get the money back (after 3 months) because of rebate so in a way its free - you just have to wait for your money... didn't need another inkjet. The 12" according to the saleskid is a hot seller. They have sold out of the new version once already but have plenty in stock now. The 14" he told me doesn't sell much at all. He says for 999 you can't beat the price. The 12" and 15" PB's are still hot sellers also. But not as much as the 12" iBook.

Well I'm off to play! :cool:
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