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What really annoyed me about itunes is I had to do so much to organise my music, wheras when i used media player it was easily organised into folders on my hard drive.

A lot of it was missing information, some albums were split up because of different artists, it didn't automatically attemtp to get album are and you had to sign into itunes to do that (i just dragged and dropped mine).
Another problem was when i reformatted (quite often due to a dodgey boot disc in my pc), it sometimes made duplicate tracks, very annoying, sorted it now though.

Had to sort all that out when i had around 5000 tracks, now got around 37000 (i have a habbit of just getting the discography if i like a band) and it's been a pain, i don't regret it, if you can get itunes working the way you want it's brilliant getting there is hard.

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