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Originally Posted by code777
hi all, need some pointers. Tomorrow night I am going to the Apple store to purchase a new iBook 12" for $999. I was looking at the 14" at $1299 but am unsure if I should spend more as I'm unsure of what I'm getting for more.

My purpose for the iBook is to get online and surf the net. Use iTunes with my iPod, and use word and excel, and also be able to upload photos from my digital cam. That's basically it. Majority of the time I will be using the iBook for the internet. As for the other programs, I'm not even sure if I'll use them all but...

What are the major differences in the 12" and 14" ($1299). Do I gain a lot if I spend the extra?

I've been a Windows user for the past 12yrs so this is going to be a drastic change for me (sort of). When I was a kid I grew up on Apples. II, IIE, Mac, Mac SE, up until 1992 - that's when I switched to PC.

Anyway opinions, suggestions, pointers are all appreciated!
I have a 12". The screen size is fine for me, and I wear glasses. You can get an external HD if you need more space (I did). And I would recommend you purchase AppleCare within the 12 months of your iBook warrenty.

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