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Right, I've been a windows user for about 4 years now, and i switched to mac a few days ago. I have alot of music (Around 77gb) and I hate itunes.

1. I cant change the track numbers by double clicking i have to go into "get info" and change it from there.

2. I cant tag things like "tracknumber" or "trackname" from filename

3. I cant use the tags like tracknumber and trackname to create the filename i want.

4. I have to go through every song in an album if it's been tagged with the songname '02 songname' or something where i only want the songname not the track number

5. I cant look at my music straight from my HDD I have to import it first.

As I mentioned before, I used to use mediamonkey and there is no mac version and paralles I cant get running because i dont have a windows disk or key anymore.

So really, I'm stuck here and itunes is really really annoying me. Please an suggestions for other programs or ways to make itunes a more pleasent experience i'd be very grateful
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