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Hey everybody!

I'm considering whether or not I should enter the world of mac. I've been using pc's for about 10 years, and i'm very satisfied with what i can do with it. However, now I'm considering laptops and it seems the new iBook-series could be my best bet, and, beeing an IT-student, I would also like to have some experience with the mac environment..
My problem is: I don't know anything about mac's whatsoever, and no idea how compatible they are with pc's. I know most progs have a mac counterpart, and you can do basically everything you can on a PC, but hardware etc.. Will 256MB of RAM and a 1,2GHz cpu be enough to run OSX smoothly when working with semi-heavy apps? Like photoshop editing and light home video editing? I hate the problems you get with win when running heavy tasks and have a long uptime, and want to get rid of these.. Also. I have a 250 GIG external drive that's formatted FAT32 to be able to RW from both *nix and win. Can mac handle other filesystems? If anyone have answers, any good tips, or maybe an URL where I can find some good info on how to be a mac newbie, I'd be forever grateful!

Sorry for the long post!
Thanks in advance!
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