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Originally Posted by mynameis
Personally I am leaning towards the 12in iBook just because I want it to be smaller and easier to carry around, the speed different wouldn't be noticeable and I would have no need for a 60gb hard drive. If the 14in iBook came with an SXGA screen, my choice would be diferrent.
i am leaning towards the 12" as well for the portability (I will be taking this on the go) but was curious if there is really much difference in processing speed between the two. 30GB *SHOULD* be enough for me as I don't really store a lot songs, pics, etc... My DELL has 120GB HDD so I store all my iTunes there.

I'm just concerned about the speed of the 12". Again my main use for the iBook will be surfing the 'net and iTunes and storing pics from my digital cam. I wonder if I should just bite the bullet and buy the 14".

Oh I also would like to get the iBook with BT as to link my cell with the iBook. $999 is a bargin if you ask me. But I just wish it had better construction like the Powerbook but i'm really not complaining.
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