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Yes, Ive got my mail migrated across to my Imac now.

As far as the program itself goes its fine. It does everything it says it does but I did have one issue with the software. I had lots of emails with invalid sent dates, which I was prompted each and every time to either let the program fix it or ignore the error and continue. There really needs to be a way of automating this because if you are moving a large mail .pst file this could mean you will have to be at your PC for ages becase each time the question is asked everything halts!

The only other problem I encountered was trying to import the .mbox files in to Thunderbird is not intuitive and in the end I gave up and just imported everything in to mail on the imac!

So I now have all my emails from my windows PC set up and sorted in the same folders as I had set up in Outlook. The world is a happy place at the moment

The real benefit of moving my emails over is that I no longer need my Windows PC! As of this morning I have cleaned the hard drive up, removed all the software no longer required on it and its now ready for donation to a mate of mine who is still running a Pentium 2 computer at home!



ps. I must go and check if my contacts came across. Ill let you know how I go.
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