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I've been using Leopard on and off for about a month on both an Intel Mac Mini and a PPC Mini. I've had some major problems on the Intel Mac with USB devices (this seems to have cleared up with the 10.5.1 update) and .Mac syncing (Apple has acknowledged that this is a problem in Leopard). The only problem I've had with the PPC Mini and Leopard was a temporarily lost Dock after playing a full-screen game (it came back with a restart).

One thing you do need to check out is if your printer has a driver for Leopard. My old HP PhotoSmart printer works fine but the driver for my HP LaserJet hasn't yet been updated, so, even though I can print with it in Leopard, I can't change critical print settings (like switching from standard to economy printing). I've been in contact with HP and they're working on an updated driver, but I found a temporary solution. Before upgrading to Leopard, I set and saved different printer settings while in Tiger and then did an Upgrade install. Now all the settings are also in Leopard and I can select whichever one I need.

If you have a scanner, check with the manufacturer about an updated driver for Leopard. Many people are having problems with their scanners in 10.5.

I still do much of my critical work in Tiger, partly because of the printer and iDisk problems, but Leopard holds great promise. Time Machine is great - it backs up every hour so it eliminates the worry of forgetting to back up critical data. You can customize it to back up only certain files and it will back up files from any hard drive connected to your computer, including separate partitions on the Time Machine drive.

If you like to have several applications open at the same time, you'll probably like Spaces. It's sort of an organized version of Exposť.

I definitely notice a speed bump and smoother performance with Leopard on my PPC Mini. I'm not so sure about a difference with the Intel Mini. I was surprised by the speed increase on the PPC Mac since it only has 512 MB of RAM.

Here's some info on FCP and Leopard:


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