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First of all, I'm new to the forum, but have been lurking for a while. Nice to be here.

Now my question: I have a G4 867Mhz Quicksilver with 640 Megs of RAM (512 + 128). I want more RAM (PC 133). I found a stick of 512 on craigslist for $15 but it's out of a server. The only difference I can see is an extra chip on the stick and the fact that it's 64meg x 72 versus the normal RAMs 64megs x 64. WHat does this 64megs x 72 stuff mean? The voltage and pin count and everything else are the same, so can I use this and save 45 bucks, or if I buy this will I just be spending the 60 later anyway?

Here are the two

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Craigslist RAM:

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