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I have my itunes music folder on an external harddrive connected to a PC that I access thru a home network. everything is fine there. Here are my questions:

1. I have 2 mac laptops...if I add music to the external harddrive thru the pc, will itunes update the library on my mac when i access the external harddrive thru the network? and if it doesn't, how would i be able to do this. Example: If "laptop 1" adds all its music to the external harddrive, will itunes on "laptop 2" automatically update its library and show the newly added music when connected to the harddrive?

2. If i have music on my laptop and want to play it when im away from home, do i just need to change the itunes music folder location to where it is on my laptop? And when i do this, will there be any problems? I have a copy of the itunes library file on both my laptop and external harddrive, if that matters?

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