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I'll try to answer your questions, but not necessarily in the order you asked them.

4. Are there any more precautions I need to take before I install?

Leopard is a new operating system so there are some quirks/bugs still in it. Before installing, make certain you have a backup of your current boot volume. That way if things go wrong or you're not happy with 10.5, you can always go back to 10.4. You'll need an extra hard drive or partition (drive is best option) for the backup. You can use either SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner to make a clone of your current drive.

This step is critical.

I've written a couple of articles on updating to Leopard:

Updating to Leopard: Pros and Consl

Updating to Leopard Successfully

1. How easy is it to install? I am used to totally reformatting PC's and installing windows & drivers from scratch, is it any different to this? Easier / harder?

Easy. The Install program will walk you through the steps necessary for the upgrade option you select. You have three options: Upgrade, Archive & Install, Erase & Install. If you have a backup of your boot drive, try the Upgrade first. That option will let you keep all your current settings and files.

2. Will ALL of my files, documents and applications remain present, working and installed after the installation, or will I need to back all of these up?

If you select the Upgrade option, everything will be on the drive, but some applications might not work in 10.5. Before using the Upgrade option, however, you should uninstall certain types of programs, such as preferences panes, system add-ons, including Mail and Safari add-ons, etc. Anything that might have altered an Apple application or system files.

3. Have apple fixed the big problems with it yet (blue screening) or shall I wait until they fix them?

One of the causes for the blue screen is APE. Do a Spotlight search for this item or for "Application Enhancer" and remove it if you find it. If you use Logitech's Control Center, APE was installed and you must remove it before upgrading. Apple has a knowledge base article on this.

6. Will I have to set up my internet connection again?

No, as long as you keep a working copy of your boot drive. If you use the Upgrade or Archive & Install option, the settings will be retained. If you do an Erase & Install, you can use Migration Assistant to get your settings from your cloned drive.

7. Will my dock remain as it is, or will I have to re-organise it?

This depends on what's in your Dock. If you have hierarchical folders in the Dock, you'll lose their functionality. The Dock's functionality has changed in 10.5, but rumors are that Tiger functionality will return with 10.5.2 (some of us hope).

Application icons will remain in the Dock with the Upgrade option. Erase and Install will delete your Dock icons.

8. Will my favourites in firefox stay the same, or will they be deleted?

Those should stay the same if you transfer your Firefox preferences to the new installation.

5. if I have downloads pending in transmission or another torrent client, will they be erased?

Probably. But I don't know the answer for sure. If you use Speed Download, you'll need to update to the latest version.

I hope that helps. Post back if you have more questions.

Also, I have a website with Leopard troubleshooting (problems I've experienced) that might answer some of your questions:

Leopard Troubleshooting


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