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Hi, I've had my mac a few months now and have found the experience 100% positive. I was on the apple site yesterday and saw that If I ordered my mac on or before the 1st Oct I could get leopard for a measly 5.95.

So, I ordered it. While I wait for it to come in the post I have a few questions i really hope some of you guys can help me with:

1. How easy is it to install? I am used to totally reformatting PC's and installing windows & drivers from scratch, is it any different to this? Easier / harder?

2. Will ALL of my files, documents and applications remain present, working and installed after the installation, or will I need to back all of these up?

3. Have apple fixed the big problems with it yet (blue screening) or shall I wait until they fix them?

4. Are there any more precautions I need to take before I install?

5. if I have downloads pending in transmission or another torrent client, will they be erased?

6. Will I have to set up my internet connection again?

7. Will my dock remain as it is, or will I have to re-organise it?

8. Will my favourites in firefox stay the same, or will they be deleted?

Thanks guys. I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.
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