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OK, so I had my Leopard DVD DHL'd to me yesterday, picked up around 9pm and installed it same night.

I was originally going to do an Archive & Install, but for some weird reason there was no option for that or for 'simple upgrade' or 'erase and install', there was only an option to install... is that normal ?

Basically, first process was checking dvd integrity, then it installed on my HD and I rebooted to Leopard, keeping my files and settings, I'm assuming then it was an 'Upgrade.'

So I tried Software Update to get 10.5.1 update plus other updates for Leopard, it crashed and had to reboot, but eventually managed to install all the updates and performed Repair Disk Permissions ( which took much longer than Tiger.)

Generally, speed so far is somewhat like Tiger or a bit slower, I notice that Leopard has more processes open in Activity Monitor then Tiger did, and uses more RAM, i mean in Tiger I generally have more free and inactive memory in doing the same tasks.

Today, I kept getting an error with 'PubsubAgent' crashing; when it does; I get a sound like a hard drive is spinning.

Then, I opened Skype and it wouldn't open, has a light under it, but is unresponsive and can't Force Quit.

Opened iPhoto and Addressbook right after, and both same issue, won't respond, can't Force Quit, and can't report to Apple !

Also, now in the Finder, in Cover Flow view, icons won't show ...

What's wrong with Leopard ? I upgraded to 10.5.1, did the repair disk permissions, are you guys getting these issues ?

NEVER had apps under Tiger that i couldn't Force Quit ... I'm sure after I restart will be back to normal .. is this common among Leopard users ?
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