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Originally Posted by tobywuk View Post
SSH stands for Secure shell and is basically a connection that is established between two different devices over a network and all the data send it encryptes so it cant be intercepted and read. SSH is typicaly used for accessing computer systems remotly. A proxy is software/hardware that acts as a portal for sending and retreiving data eg You>>>Proxy>>>destination. the destination will think that all the data is comming from the proxy, but the proxy will relay data back to you.

What i think this service you are talking about would do is let you create a connection to there proxy using SSH. All your commands and instructions (WOW gaming)would then be sent to this proxy from your computer and then the WOW server would think that the connection and commands would be comming from the Proxy rather than your computer. the proxy would then relay all the information back to your computer.

To be honest I cant see how this would increase your latancy as you still would be communicating over the same distance but you would just be using a "middle man" and so in theory this would be slower.

The best thing you can do is fined someone or people who already use this service and see what they make of it.

Thank you for your cautionary comments sir, but I've already investigated this. I know several people who have used this and seen a massive drop in latency (550 to 250.) I think the theory is that Blizzard's networking is faulty clientside, and this bypasses it.

I just need to figure out how to use it now.
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