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Hi all i'm a new mac user as I recently inherited an old imac g3 from work as they were going to throw it out as there is a problem with the graphics on it apart from that it works fine. I have never really used one before apart from setting up my brothers g4 powerbook for him a few years ago. Not knowing anything about mac i never realised that for everything i want to install I would need the admin password. Whoever it was who used to use it is no longer with the company and i have no discs for it either. It has osx 10.2 installed on it. I was looking on a forum as to how to change the password in macs version of dos but I appear to have a problem that also happens when i am using the computer in the operating system where when i go to type passwords certain letters only get typed as capital which is kinda messing things up for me and i am unable to get these letters back to lowercase. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. :ninja:
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