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Well, unfortunatly my powerbook has gone on the fritz. I bought it about two and a half months ago, and tonight when I went to turn it on I was on my way to the shower and I heard the startup noise then left the room. When I cam back everything was off and it wouldn't start up again. A few minutes later I gave it another try and I heard the startup noise, and I thought
"phew, must have been one of those strange things" But then the screen woulnd go on and the computer just went silent. I have no clue what could be wrong... it's been pretty humid today... but nothing too much, even so I unpluged everything and took out the battery just incase. I am not sure what the problem is but its very dis-heartening I really like my powerbook and I hope the Apple support is good should I have to send it in for repairs. I'd apprechiate anyone telling me what they thought of Apples repair support. I just put $1600 into this thing... Sob, I really hope I don't have to put in even more.

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