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Originally Posted by Professor_Fresh View Post
Hello all my fellow MACers.

So I have heard that this Onyx program is a good tool to keep your Mac running in tip top shape. I decided it would be a good idea to obtain the latest version since I noticed the old Powerbook isn't running like its old self. On top of the fact that I know very little computer jargon/techniques to do any of the tasks myself.

I ran the first S.M.A.R.T verification, and got a message saying I needed to insert my OS X disc and do some repairs. I have since then cleaned out my cache using Onyx and was curious what I should do with the whole OS X disc situation when I get home?

Anyone able to give me the correct steps in doing the task it had asked of me?

As well any tips on using Onyx to it's best/safest way for a complete noob?

The Professor.
It seems that OnyX is asking you to insert your OS X disc which you should do next time you're at your Mac. So startup your mac and insert the install disc, restart and hold the 'C' key when you hear the chime.

Your mac will then boot from the install disc and allow you to navigate to Disc Utilities ( instead of going through the install steps, look up to the left of your screen where you'll see some options in the menubar. Have a look in each option until you find Disc Utilities.)

Run repair Permissions and repair Disc. I think this is what OnyX is asking you to do though I can't explain why. When you're finished, just eject the disc and restart your Mac.

I've been using OnyX for years and while I don't get too heavily into it, just simply running the 'Cleaning' and 'Maintenance' sections about once a fortnight or before/after installing anything.

Here's a quick OnyX how-to, based on my own usage. Along the way you'll be prompted to restart your Mac. I always run OnyX from the Admin acct, as I generally use a Standard acct for regular use.

From time to time it may be helpful to startup your Mac is Safe mode and run OnyX then.

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