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OK so for Christmas I want to get an external harddrive. I'm thinking it can't cost more than $250, but somewhere around $175 would be ideal.

Is there a way I could get an external harddrive where I could use it to back up all my files AND put files on there that I don't necessarily want store in my internal harddrive? Or would I have to get two separate ones for that?

I know I should start backing up my files, but I don't really have enough memory on my computer (60 gb) to store all my pictures, videos, and music. I'm always having to put stuff on disks and stuff...

I'm not really sure exactly how external harddrives work though so I don't know what I could/couldn't do with one...

I also know I'd like one that's USB-powered. And I don't want it to be very big...

What would be my best bet??
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