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I will try removing the RAM, though it's stable at the moment so it's one of the most awkward ones to try (plus it makes it extremely slow running on 256MB!)

I have tried the Apple Hardware Test in extended mode and it didn't come up with anything. Will try looping it overnight.

In the mean time I'll attach the panic.log and safari.crash.log files (as .txt)... if anyone has any ideas from those please do let me know. Almost
everything seems to be "Data Access" (panic log) or "Bad Access" (safari log) if that means anything. I must admit, 'access' does tend to say 'memory' to me.

BTW the crashes happen without any peripherals attached.

Edit: Someone over the Apple forums was kind enough to analyse the logs quite closely and noticed that a lot of the problems are caused by Logitech drivers. Of course, I forgot about those but I did install some drivers for a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. It doesn't seem unreasonable to believe that it could even be the root of most of the problems, even those that don't mention Logitech directly.

Otherwise things seem to point to possible RAM issues, though an overnight loop of Apple Hardware Test came up with nothing. An interesting idea was to try recreating the swap file, which after uninstalling the Logitech drivers will be next on the agenda.
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