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I'm just looking for some help here...I'm having an extremely difficult time making a decision. Here is my quandry.

I would really like to upgrade my Macbook to a Macbook Pro.

I have found someone will to do a trade...My Macbook + $450 for his Macbook Pro

Here are the specs on the two machines
Black 13" Macbook
2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB Ram
120 GB HD

15" Macbook Pro
1.83 GHz
1.5 GB Ram
80 GB HD

Am I getting ripped off?

I really want the larger screen, I don't care about the hard drive size (will be using external), and I don't care about the DVD writer (will be using external for DL...If it's possible, if not, I don't care about DL)
The better video card would be nice as well.

Does that sound like a fair deal? Will I notice a huge drop in speed? I don't use many serious programs either...I'm a teacher!

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