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Seems I can go for days without a crash on the Powerbook, but sometimes they'll happen in bursts.

I've had a good few kernel panics (mostly the multilingual 'restart your computer' message) since getting the PB for no particular reasons, just suddenly it'll dump. It's not too often, but it is annoying when it happens.

Today, Safari crashed 3 times randomly whilst typing messages etc (not even using it heavily), later on iTunes crashed for no apparent reason other than being in the middle of playing music.

Skype also crashed at one point today.

Is this normal, or does my Powerbook have a problem? I love the Mac, but must admit my XP-based PC has been far more stable.

I do the ol' repair permissions and Onyx thing once in a while (few weeks to a month). There is a 512MB chip fitted by Apple's own G4 tech department, Kingston branded, and the correct speed. I've ran some thorough memory testing program from the terminal (similar to memtest86 on the PC) and it seems fine.

The PB replaces one which was stolen, I've had it for a couple of months now but the first one didn't seem too stable either.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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