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First let me start by saying my flash file is currently 740kb in .swf form and I'm not done with it. I'm taking this which was developed from another developer and trying to customize it to work for what i need. The flash was bought from template monster.

Is 740kb big for a flash file that is basically an entire website?

I'm trying to make this flash load as fast as possible while implementing the best practices so i can use it for future projects. Also i would like advice on using various techniques to accomplish some functionality.

The flash file i'm working on is basically like a brochure for a client. It consists of "8" main pages, along with several sub pages.

I have the following questions though.

1. Currently the navigation is on the left hand side, and has a mouse over animation as well as sound effects with rollover and being clicked. The mouseover effect just moves the text to the right a little and brings it back to the original position.. However each button in is an individual movie symbol.

- Should I consolidate the navigation so it's one movie symbol instead of 8 movie symbols on one page? Keeping in mind that even if i do make it just 1 symbol i might need to add the 8 navigation movie symbols into that one to maintain the animation.

- Should the buttons even be movie symbols or is there a better way this should be done?

2. Because of the text for each page, I was using adobes built in scrolling component for the dynamic text boxes. Considering there is more then 8 dynamic text instances converted to graphic symbols.... Is there a more efficient way of doing this, or is the above method just fine?

3. The flash file contains a photo gallery. Currently all the images from the gallery are in the same flash file. I was thinking it would be more efficient to load the images in the gallery from external .swf files. However i'm not sure if that would be the best method, and i'm also not sure how to correctly accomplish within standards.

4. I would like to implement a contact form within the flash so users can contact me.

5. I would also like to have a testimonials page where users can submit testimonials. However i'm not sure how to create the form, but i had an idea on displaying the text in the flash using xml so it can be easily updated . Just not sure on the proper and more efficient way of doing this.

6. I would also like an event calendar that displays within the flash. Was thinking of having this loaded from an external .swf file as well. Would like the calendar to be xml based so I can update it myself. Don't need nothing advance, just something that says "Busy", "Not Busy", and "Book" which would just take them back to the contact form to book me.

I know many of you don't know who i am, but I would really appreciate some assistance. Whether its sample flash files, links to tutorials, advice, anything.

I really want to do all of the above, but also as i'm learning i would like to make sure i'm doing the above in the most efficient way possible and up to standards while also keeping the size low. Would like to do it right the first time, so as i continue making flash files in the future I'm not writing sloppy actionscript coding, having sloppy timelines, and or having sloppy structure in my .fla files.

Also i know alot of you are very busy people, and i'm not asking for you to do the flash for me but any and all help will be very greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for you comments, advice, and replies.
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