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Hi people,

I downloaded mysql 5.0 but theres no pkg file for me to open and install the thing, what have I done wrong?!

To xstep: should I download 4.x instead of 5.x? what do the current social-networking sites run off? My idea is essentially a social-networking site but not a general one like myspace or facebook, Im aiming for a much smaller audience, but nontheless, they are an inspiration.

To Del: I successfully uncommented the lines needed to get php working on my Tiger. There was a little bug where "?" was put in 2 places that stopped my apache from working but a friend and I found it and sorted it. I did download and install MAMP but I got rid of it in the end because its not the same as enabling whats already on my Tiger and installing the other necessary bits. But thanks any way.

Hope to hear from people soon!!
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