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Hi Rudi,

I am also having problems connecting our macs here at work to the windows servers. I would love to have some help in resolving this issue. Please help.

Originally Posted by rudi
I have connected my Apple Mac G4 Powerbook to Windows Server 2003, It is not connected through samba, you dont need to reduce your password to 6 alpha or numerics.

Anyone wanting to connect to Server 2003 contact me, its too complicated to write on here, it conects just like you would on a PC, i can access all my users files as a administrator and copy them to my Mac, you dont connect via smb or the with the usual box, when I connect i get a Box with the microsoft logo and enter my usual name and password and bingo I am in.

I will help anyone with theis problem as I found Apple support totally un helpful in this area as I also did microsoft.

It really dose work!!!!! i have also synced Microsoft Entourage to my server as well no probs

You need to download from the Microsoft website UAM Enabiler and install it on your Mac

Rudi Dobson