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Hello all

I am new to the forums and had a couple of questions

After a lot of reading and comparing the pros and cons, I have decided to purchase my first Mac in the next couple of weeks. While searching online I happen to come across all of the youtube mac reviews (which i found to be very helpful). One of the things I noticed was that when people buy a mac a lot of them record the experience of unwrapping it and taking it out of the box. It seemed almost like a religious experience. lol. Anyway, I want that total mac experience too...From the moment i purchase it to the moment i hit that power button for the first time! Ya i know....I'm a geek.

My question is....What is everyones thoughts on purchasing a mac from the Apple store as appose to the apple website or retail stores that carry macs like best buy? Is there any pros or cons to choosing one over the other? My initial thought was going to the mac store would be the best option. Am I right or wrong? Please share your experiences. Thanks
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