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Hey everybody!

Some of you have PowerBook hinge problems and so do I. I just got AlGlide, a product from RadTech. I was really excited, and I started applying it right away.

The first thing I have to say is that RadTech makes TERRIBLE instruction manuals. Seriously. "Loosen the 2 - 1.5mm hex screws located ajacent to the display at the rear of the case". Ajacent to the display at the rear of the case? And there are no pictures at all to help you determine which screws to loosen. What I did was I just loosened all of them.

The second thing I have to say is that AlGlide SUCKS. It's supposed to work with 1-2 coats. I am now on my 5th coat, and I have noticed NO difference at all in the hinges. I'm running out of the glide oil that came with the kit.

In short, don't get this, it doesn't work at all . I'm really unhappy and shall be calling service and support. I pray they will be more helpful. More later.
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