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November 5, 2007

Hi all,

I just bought Leopard (haven't got it yet, expected in 1-2 wks) and have a serious question before I install leopard.

First I'll get my system details out of the way:

2.66 Mac Pro - 3GB ram - 500 GB and 250 GB internal hard drives
Dial Up External Zoom Modem
Tiger 10.4.7 installed on 500 GB drive
Parallels 3.0 Build 4128
Windows XP Pro SP2 - Registered with Microsoft in Parallels software.
No Boot Camp Installed, running windows in Parallels.

Summary: I have read there is problems with Leopard doing an update on the Tiger so would prefer a clean install to circumvent future problems. Here is what I want to do...

I want to install the new Leopard software and 'especially' install the Boot Camp, included in this version of Leopard, so I can run Windows in that dedicated mode. I have the updates for Windows XP (hours of download time) installed along with some programs that have been registered and upgraded, again using dial-up, installed on my Parallels Windows system and I don't want to lose this information.


1. Is there a way to save my Parallels/Windows system and all it's information and transfer this into Boot Camp when I install Leopard?

At this time I don't have any Mac programs that I have to worry about so that is not a problem at all, just on the PC side.

What should I do folks? I really would appreciate some help on this.

Thanks to all in advance,

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