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OK, just a little contest for you guys.

Try to find the cheapest Mac you can. This is tricky because if you get older, it gets cheaper, but there's a certain point where it gets more expensive because they're vintage models.

- The Mac has to be working completely, with nothing wrong with it.
- The Mac can be either used or non-used
- It can either be a GUI Mac (Graphical User Interface) or a Macintosh Classic.
- You CAN'T find anything on eBay because that's bidding, so the price changes constantly. It MUST be a final price
- It doesn't have to include any accessories

Good luck to all! Let's end this contest in a month (October 26).

PS: I'm not really interested in purchasing an old Mac at all, this is just a little contest I designed because I'm bored. So please don't go suggesting Macs to me
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