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I have a g4 sawtooth, 576mb ram, standard 16mb video card, 400mhz g4, was just curious what is the equilivent of a 400mhz g4? P2 400mhz? p3 400mhz or is the mhz completly different than intel? meaning a g4 400mhz is actually like a 800mhz p3 or something like that.

Also if i buy a dual g4 500mhz that came out of a gigbit ethernet mac can i install that in my sawtooth with out a problem? When you do install a processor is it just a matter of unhooking a few connectors and taking out a few screws and then installing the new cpu? or do i have to get into the hole soldering process?

Last i able to take a quicksilver or GB logic board and install it in my sawtooth with out a problem, i was kinda hoping to get a updated lobo with a better agp slot. Thanks for reading.
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