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in general, I am dissapointed with this new OS

--If I let my MBP running overnight, i mean I let it sleep when i go to bed, the day after, it runs fine but when I want to restart, it can not, I just see the icon spinning hours...I tried to let it hours because I want to know will it restart or not but it was NOT.
The same problem when I tried to shutdown.

--Can not use Secure empty trash, this problem I have already posted, sorry if you feel annoy i repeat this. When I use secure empty trash, it is always stop at 3 or 5 items, and hanging there. The only option I could do is force quit.

--The last problem I got just now is with Time machine, it is start backing up like normal, and I am not surprise about this but this time it took like 4 hours. after going out have dinner with my friends, I came back and it is still running. I tried to wait 1 hour more but useless. I can not stop it either.

I plug the cable of the back up driver out and do a restart but like i said ...spining. So far, I think this is just a few problems that I got and i do believe there are BUGS more. I hope apple will release the update soon.
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