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Originally Posted by ilikecorona View Post
I guess it never seemed to perform up to my expectations. Then I added the 4 gigs of ram and then it really didn't meet my expectations for performance.

I'm using Tiger 10.4.10, and I do install new programs from time to time....usually soft synth plug-ins for use with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, etc...
I am going to take a better look and see what I can remove as far as software apps.

I know ram isn't the only thing that determines the speed of the computer, and I try to keep some free space on my internal drive..which has 113GB available out of 234GB total... I save almost all files on external drives though.

I know there's certain programs for pc that help optimize your computer but I can't seem to find any optimization tools for my G5. Let me know what other info I can provide. Thanks
Those optimization tools for PC are almost always scams. Even the ones sold by reputable companies do little to actually improve the performance of the computer. Try removing and and reinstalling the ram. Sometimes this will help. If that doesn't work try removing all the modules and using them one at a time to see if one module in paticular causes a problem. Also defraging the hard drive never hurts. If none of this helps the only other thing I can think of is that you have some app running that is eating up system resources.

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