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Considering that the license agreement for both discs is that it's supplied with a hardware purchase (retrospectively in the case of the one in the mail); and you've only bought 1 machine, you really only have 1 license, but 2 discs (I.E. passing on/selling the spare disc wouldn't also transfer the license to use it... it's just a pretty coaster/frisbee).

You might be able to get your money back by giving one of the discs back, but since the $10 only really covers materials, shipping & admin costs I wouldn't really say it was refundable (but Apple is generally nice about these things).

Personally I'd just keep it as a backup in case one gets lost/damaged.

If you want to pass it on, Apple might give you some sort of special price to upgrade to a full-license (possibly including a "don't worry about it... no one's keeping count"), put I've never heard of it happening.

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