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Hello, first post here!

On the 24th of October I bought a new MacBook, as I was in need of a new computer since my PowerBook G4's hard drive died. I'm a student, so I desperately needed a new computer! I knew that Leopard would be releasing 2 days later, and I would be eligible for the up-to-date program, allowing me to receive Leopard for $10.

On Leopard's launch day (Friday), I ordered the up-to-date disc for my new MacBook. Unfortunately the following Monday, I found my MacBook's screen to faulty. I called up the Apple store where I bought the MacBook and they said I could come in and switch it with a new MacBook.

I went back home and opened the box and found that the Leopard upgrade disc was bundled with the MacBook, so now I'll soon have a second Leopard disc coming in the mail... I didn't even realize until today, I've been busy at school and work and realized this just recently.

Any suggestions on what I should do? The email says the disc has already been shipped. Not sure, if I'm able to do a return... don't even think it's worth it. $10 isn't *that* big of a deal to me...
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