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I own and cherish my 2002 G3 800 iBook, 30Gb HD etc etc. It's given me sterling service and has travelled lots of places with me and helped me send stories (I'm a journo) back to rainy London from far away.

Problem is that nowadays, running OS X 10.2.can't remember what (.8, I think...) and weighed down with music, photos and the like, the whole thing pretty much creaks.

It's a bit sluggish, it's not going to get any quicker and the times they are a' changing (Apple discontinuing the original airport card just as i want one, for example).

Now I'm charmed by the new iMac G5 - I can afford it, the iBook just sits on a desk these days etc etc. So what to do? Get an iMac, find an airport card and keep the iBook for surfing and mobile stuff? Or bite the bullet, forget how much I paid less than two years ago and sell the iBook on eBay?

I only ask cos I kind of get the feeling that a lot of people are trying to offload this type of model at the moment as they look to upgrade, maybe in six months time the price will get so low it won't be worth it...

I don't really want to sell, so can anyone who isn't rich and doesn't use their mac everyday help me find a way to justify having two computers?

Cheers, :confused:
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